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Bank Accounts for Offshore Company

There is no problem to open a bank account for an offshore company registered in Dominica, on your own, because you'll have all the company documents in your hands.

The standard set of documents, that are required to open a bank account:

This list of documents may differ from the bank you choose.

When the selected bank receives all the necessary documents, it examines the application and if everything is correct it opens and activates your account. It may take from 3 to 10 days depending on the bank.

The bank may decline an application to open an account if an activity of an offshore company contradicts the bank policy. The bank is not obliged to give a reason for its refusal.

If you need help to open bank accounts abroad, or if you plan to register or have already registered an offshore company with our assistance, we are ready to help you with the following:

  1. We offer a list of banks that are ready to work with offshore companies.

    All banks from our list (located in Europe, on the Caribbean Isles) allow opening an account without your presence. Modern technologies give an opportunity to run the account remotely using internet, phone, mail or fax. There is also an opportunity to open multi-currency accounts and payment cards thereby providing constant and fast access to your money.
  2. We can recommend you to the bank as potential clients.
  3. We can help you to get all the necessary documents and fill in the special forms on opening of account correctly.

If you need detailed information on banks, we can send you description of banks, their conditions and rates for services. However we do not provide this information except to clients who register offshore company with our help.

If you are ready to use our services to open bank accounts in foreign banks then mark this service when you order for registration of offshore company.

Attention: please note that each client must make its own assessment of and due diligence with regards to the bank it chooses to do business with (including the risks of doing business with such bank). Our company and the personnel associated with it are not in any position to make such an assessment. Consequently, we give no assurance whatsoever in this regards.

How to register an offshore company?

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