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Registration of Offshore Companies in Dominica

It's easy to register an offshore company in Dominica. You need to follow these five steps and there is no need for you to visit the country of registration.

  1. You must fill in online form, where you'll have an opportunity to make an individual order taking into consideration the specifity of your company.

    You can also order additional offshore services that you need:

    • nominal service,
    • opening of bank accounts,
    • creation of virtual office (exclusive phone line and services of voice mail, sending of faxes and mail),
    • notarial certification and apostilling of copies of the documents,
    • additional powers of attorney,
    • company's seal and so on.

    You must also enter the following information that is necessary to make registration documents:

    • several variants of the company's names (to check in the Register in case if your preferred names are already taken),
    • type of shares and amount of authorized capital,
    • number of shareholders and directors, their personal data (name and contact information - this is confidential information and it is kept only at registered agent),
    • address to which the prepared documents must be sent.
  2. To pay the bill in the most convenient way:

    • Western Union,
    • Money Gram,
    • Bank transfer.
    After payment, contact us and give us the following information: payer's name, payer's bank or control number (for Western Union or Money Gram).
  3. To give us documents:

    To register an offshore company you must send us on e-mail or attach to the order the following scanned documents:

    • good quality copy of page of foreign passport (page with a picture and identification data) of every real (legal and beneficial) owners of the company.
    • filled in and signed declaration from real owners of the company (this document is kept only at the registered agent and is necessary to confirm that the company's activity will be legal).
    • confirmation of permanent residence from real owners of the company (for example, bill for public utilities, mobile phone, extract from the credit card, etc.).
  4. We make a set of documents and register it in the State Registry of Dominica.

    As soon as you pay and send us all the necessary information, it takes usually 24 hours to draw up the documents and register an offshore company.

  5. You get the company documents.

    It'll take 3-4 days to deliver your order to any part of the world with special mail and courier services. It will be delivered to the address given by you to us in your online application. As soon as the documents are sent, we will send at your e-mail a tracking number. This number will help you to follow your documents online.

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Home » How to register company?
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