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Offshore Tax Haven - Dominica: International Business Companies

Dominica ranks a high position among best offshore tax havens due to its incontestable advantages.

Progressive legislative system of offshore jurisdiction:

Taxes and payments for offshore company maintenance: Annual accounts: Privacy: Structure of the Company:

Authorized capital and offshore company shares:

There are no requirements as to the sum of the authorized capital and terms of its payment. It is quite enough to declare a nominal amount when registering. The amount of authorized capital has no influence on the registration and annual duties.

Shares can be issued in the following ways:

Shares are paid in cash or by the transfer of other assets or by the provision of services.
To open the offshore company it is enough to issue only one share.

Company's documents:

Requirements of companies registered in the offshore tax haven of Dominica. It's necessary to have a registered office in Dominica and local registered agent (we offer these services).

Company's name:

The name of the offshore company must end with the following words, phrases or abbreviations, which shows the status of the stock-company: "Corporation", "Corp.", "Incorporated", "Inc.", "Limited", "Ltd.", "S.A.".

It is not allowed to use the following abbreviations, words or phrases, which can be associated with the Government of Dominica - "Government", "Gov't", "National", "Royal", "Republic", "Commonwealth", "Dominica", etc., and also it is not allowed to use the following words without special permission or license - Assurance, Bank, Building Society, Chamber of Commerce, Foundation, Trust, etc.

Limitation of offshore company activities:

Time of offshore company registration:

Offshore tax haven Dominica offers the fastest registration of companies. It takes only 24 hours to prepare all the documents and register a company with the Registrar of Companies of Dominica.

How to register a company in offshore tax haven Dominica?

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