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We offer not only registration of offshore companies in Dominica and their annual renewal but we also offer additional offshore services, which provide convenient work with your offshore company. For example, we can help to open bank accounts, to create virtual office (exclusive telephone line and answering machine, fax or mail forwarding services), to correct documents and so on.

Prices for offshore services:

1. Registration of offshore companies and first year of activity.

Standard order
The documents/services which are provided to the client are:
  1. Set of documents of the company:
    - Certificate of Incorporation,
    - Certificate of Good Standing,
    - Memorandum & Articles of Association,
    - Minutes of the first meeting of the founders,
    - Appointment of Director,
    - Share Certificate.
  2. Payment of government duties for registration of offshore company.
  3. Services of the registered office in Dominica.
  4. Services of the registered agent.
635 USD

Additional offer to the order:
Nominee services for the first year: we provide nominee shareholders (not more then two) and nominee directors (not more then two). If you choose a nominee director we provide the power of attorney for free. 150 USD

2. Annual maintenance of the company:
(after the first year of registration)

Standard order
The services which are provided are:
  1. Payment of government duties for registration of offshore company.
  2. Services of the registered office in Dominica.
  3. Services of the registered agent.
350 USD

3. Administrative services:

Courier services. 85 USD
Corporate seal. 45 USD
Services of the nominal shareholder for a year 150 USD
Services of the nominal director for a year 150 USD
Exclusive telephone line & answering Services, fax forwarding services. 350 USD
(plus disbursements)
Mail forwarding services (plus cost of transmission). 250 USD

Drawing up of additional documents of the company:
Provision of Power of Attorney. 90 USD
Additional Power of Attorney. 50 USD
Apostille documents. 80 USD
Provision of certified copy of documents. 30 USD
Certification of documents by secretary. 40 USD
Duplicate of originals. 50 USD
Obtaining certificate of good standing. 90 USD
Minuting the use of company seals. 40 USD

Help to open bank account:
St. Vincent and the Grenadines 250 USD
Latvia 300 USD
Cyprus 400 USD

Price of additional changes:
Change of company name. 250 USD
Company searches. 150 USD
Changing company directors. 125 USD
Increase in authorized share capital. 200 USD
Change of Memorandum & Articles of Association (extra copy will apply for complicated drafting). 250 USD
Preparing share transfer documentation. 125 USD
Amending nominee declarations. 125 USD
Amendment of signatories on bank account on a time spent basis. 125 USD
Basic resolution. 50 USD
Formation (if required by itself)
i.e. without registered office/agent or nominee shareholder and director.
750 USD

You can choose the most convenient for you way of payment: You can order our offshore services online using the following forms:

How to register a company in Dominica?

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